Exciting news, we have a new partnership!

by Nov 8, 2021News

We have exciting news, we have a new partnership with a platform called My Vault.

We are working with My vault to offer this service, which we feel will be very beneficial to our clients. My Vault is a safe, cloud-based platform that sits alongside your Will and creates a list of your assets, liabilities, protection insurances and your trusted professionals.

Once completed, it provides a personal data statement for your Executors with all your financial details and where all your assets and liabilities are held. This will make sure everything is traced and rightfully goes to those provided for in your Will.

Scarily, in 2019, an estimated £15 billion pounds of unclaimed assets were lying dormant in various accounts belonging to deceased people in the UK. Why? Nobody was aware of them.

We are extremely lucky to have access to My Vault and are very excited to be able to offer it to our clients. My Vault should be put in place for everyone who has any form of assets and/or liabilities.

Here is a walkthrough video showing what it’s all about: https://youtu.be/Ztfr8TRJFkI

My Vault is not available directly to the public and can only be accessed through an approved professional affiliate partner like us.

This is a fully managed service costing only £9.00+vat per month. Once we have set up your account, we then commit to doing a yearly or bi-yearly review with you in order to make sure your My Vault account is regularly updated. You also welcome to call us at any time to update it on the spot.

By updating My Vault regularly on your behalf, your personal data statement will provide your legal representatives or Executors with a list of your providers for your assets, creditors, properties, insurance policies, utilities, pets, and all your important professionals and contacts to allow probate to proceed quickly saving time, stress and expensive legal fees. Importantly it will also help your family/Executors trace everything!

So if you’re interested in finding out more, please email us at myvault@trustedlaw.co.uk or book an informal telephone call here

Track your legacy while you are with us, help others trace it when you are not.