NHS frontline Wills

by Apr 2, 2020News

As we finish our Walk All Over Cancer Charity Challenge for March, the Trusted Law team wanted to help to support another great cause…our very own NHS frontline workers.

We have recently received a number of enquiries from nurses and doctors who are currently working, or quickly retraining to work, on the COVID patients ward at the hospitals across Norfolk & Cambridgeshire.  One of them even told us that they have been advised by their boss to make sure their Will is in place!

As a team, we chatted about the most effective way we can help to reach these wonderful people.  After initial conversations around donating a portion of our normal fees to the NHS and trying to contact our local hospitals, we soon realised that this is simply not going to help those NHS frontline workers specifically.

Natalie spent some time talking to those nurses and doctors who had enquired with us (and became our clients) and it soon became apparent that the best way we could help and support them is to actually, and quite simply, write their Wills.

So we are offering a FREE single Will to all NHS frontline staff , which includes:

  • Nurses, Doctors, support staff at the hospital
  • Paramedics and Ambulance workers
  • Police service
  • Fire service
  • Care Home workers

We are trying to help those that are putting their lives at risk every day to help keep us all safe and alive during this pandemic.  We want to help them have the peace of mind of knowing that their Will is sorted, which is one less thing for them to worry about.

If you have friends, family or colleagues that may be able to help us spread this message, then we’d really appreciate your help. 

If you know anyone that could benefit from this offer, please feel free to pass on our contact details:

0800 2545 950