Our ‘Charity of the Autumn’ is…Norfolk Lowland Search and Rescue

by Sep 1, 2017Blog

Every quarter, Trusted Law Ltd will be supporting a local charity, and we are delighted to announce that our ‘Charity of the Autumn’ is…Norfolk Lowland Search and Rescue – aka NorLSAR!

Norfolk Lowland Search and Rescue (NorLSAR) are a group of volunteers who are trained in search and rescue techniques.  They are prepared to help the police look for missing people 365 days a year – making them a ’24 hour, seven days a week service’!

NorLSAR uses trained people and dogs to search any terrain found in lowland Britain. Unlike the more famous Mountain Rescue counterpart NorLSAR will not go into mountainous areas – different search skills are required for lowland terrain.

On a personal note…

We have chosen NorLSAR as our charity this quarter thanks to a close friend, Ian, and his puppy, Juno.

I have known Ian for many years and this time last year they welcomed their new puppy, Juno, into their family.  Ian has been busy training Juno over the last year to become a Search and Rescue dog – and I have seen firsthand the amount of time Ian and Juno have put into this, all on a voluntary basis!

They have been training with NorLSAR for the last few months and they have recently passed their Level 1, Stages 3 & 4 ASLAR Assessments – well done both!

I have taken part in some of Ian and Juno’s practice sessions, and even volunteered my children (with radios!) to hide in a woodland area for Juno to find – and she’s been successful every time.

My support:

During one of these practice sessions with Ian and Juno, Ian was telling me all about the important work that NorLSAR do, including finding people with Dementia who have ‘wandered off’ – something I hadn’t realise they would get involved in.

Ian mentioned to me that as they not a ‘well known’ charity they don’t get a lot of support.  Knowing the important work that they do to help local families, and seeing first-hand what their volunteers go through, I wanted to support them both financially with the pledges and by raising their local profile.

I have pledged to NorLSAR that for every new appointment made in September, October and November I will donate a minimum of £10 (increased depending on the service) to the them.  This is not restricted to those who know about this offer – this is for every new client Trusted Law gains during this period!

What you can do to help:

If you have ‘make a Will’ on your to do list, why not make an appointment today and help a charity in the process?  If you already have your Will and Estate Planning sorted, tell your family and friends who may still need to do theirs……


Get involved with NorLSAR. It’s not just search and rescue volunteers they need, they also need admin help in running the charity.  If you are interested, here’s some more details: https://www.norlsar.org.uk/get-involved/

My service:

I offer appointments in the comfort of your own home and at a time to suit you, including evenings and weekends.  It is a process that can be dealt with relatively quickly, and it can save you hours of stress trying to figure out what is needed.

Most importantly it will provide you with the peace of mind, knowing that you have a valid Will in place, that won’t fail you or your family during their time of grieving.

To make your appointment, or for an informal chat, please feel free to contact me via email: info@trustedlaw.co.uk or phone: 01953 711 950 / 07972 212 355.

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