The Top 10 Reasons to Make a Will!

by Feb 19, 2018Blog

This article aims to remind you why making a Will should be at the top of your ‘to do’ list.

The most common reasons for people not making their Will includes :

  • Presumption – you presume that those you would choose to benefit automatically will – this simply is not the case!
  • Superstition – you think that you are ‘tempting fate’ by making your Will – we have never known a client to pass away immediately after making their Will (excluding ‘deathbed’ Wills)
  • Indecision – you can’t decide who deal with everything, who will benefit, or look after your children – is it fair to leave these stressful decisions to your loved ones when they are grieving? Or maybe you’re happy for the law and/or Courts to decide, who don’t know you or your family at all?
  • Time – lack to time, or never ‘getting around’ to dealing with it – this is why we offer all clients home visits at convenient times, including evenings and weekends!

The reality is that putting off making your Will until it is too late just causes unnecessary stress and heartache for your loved ones.

Don’t delay – it’s easy to make a Will – and it will save your family unnecessary distress at an already difficult time.

Here are my top 10 reasons to make your Will: 

  1. A valid Will means you decide who will deal with everything – these are known as your ‘Executors’
  2. It also means you decide who will get what – these are known as your ‘Beneficiaries’.
  3. If you have young children, you decide who will look after them once you’ve gone – otherwise Social Services and the Courts will decide, and they don’t know you or your family!
  4. If you are not married, you can make sure that you have provided for your partner – the idea of a ‘common law’ spouse is just a myth and your partner will not automatically receive everything.
  5. If you are remarried, you can ensure that any children from your first marriage will be looked after and provided for.
  6. If you have pets, having your Will means that your pets can be looked after, otherwise they risk being alone.
  7. If you have a family dispute, your Will can help to avoid family members arguing, claiming what they believe they are entitled to and possibly even Court battles.
  8. If you have a charity which is close to your heart, you can make provision for them in your Will by making a gift to them.
  9. You can include your Funeral Wishes in your Will, giving your loved ones some guidance at an emotional time.
  10. A Will provides a great deal of comfort to your loved ones that are left behind as they know what you wanted to happen, so they can get on with the emotional grief without the worry.

Research has suggested that:

  • 77% of parents with children under 5 do not have a Will
  • 24% of people have never thought about making a Will
  • 46% of people aged between 55 and 64 do not have a Will
  • 58% of the UK population do not have a Will
  • 23% of people in the UK believe they are too poor to make a Will

Taking the time now to tick this task off your ‘to do’ list can give you some much needed peace of mind and save your loved ones a lot of time, inconvenience and stress at an emotionally draining and stressful time.

Are you unsure about making your own Will?  Would you like some professional advice?

If you are putting off writing your Will because you are unsure of how to go about it or can’t decide on the fine detail, then there is no need to worry.  To provide you with peace of mind, you can discuss your situation and concerns with Trusted Law.

It is a process that can be dealt with relatively quickly, and it can save you hours of stress trying to figure out what is needed.

Trusted Law offers convenient appointments in the comfort of your own home – including evenings and weekends!  So it couldn’t be easier…..

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Please note that this information is provided as a guide only and in accordance with the current laws as at the date of publishing. 

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